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Professional Pet Sitting

As a pet lover, I know how much support our pets give us. Luckily here at Cuddle N Snuggle Pet Care, I offer a professional pet sitting service for my customers. As a pet sitter, I can offer your pet a friend to keep them company whenever you're away from home. Unlike kennels, where your pet will be in a cage the whole time, I offer pet sitting in your own home or in mine. It's my mission to make you and your pet’s life as stress-free as possible while no one is home.

Every pet is treated as my own. All the pets I work with get the same love, attention, cuddles, and snuggles. I do my best to bring love to your furry friends and convenience to you. The work I do with my customers’ pets is the work I love. The phrase "do what you love" describes me to a T. My professional pet sitting service will make sure your pets are mentally and physically tended to. I also strive to make your mental health a priority as well. Not only do I tend to you pets’ well-being, but I also do my best to tend to yours. My goal is to give you peace of mind and stress-free travel as I watch over your pets.

Based in Queens, NY, I serve the Queens, Nassau, and Suffolk County areas. To get to know you and your pet better, I also offer two meet-and-greets free of charge. Our pets are family members that just happen to have fur. The services I provide are the things I love to do. When it comes to pets, I spare no expense for their well-being. Whether your dog is timid, aggressive, or energetic, I have the expertise to handle it all. If you’re making the decision to get a professional pet sitting service, look no further than Cuddle N Snuggle Pet Care.

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